Sentence Engineer.Word Alchemist.

My name is Sarah…..  This is my blog.  I’m not sure how one would classify the musings of a 25 year-old woman, but it’s a blog about my life, sometimes having a job and sometimes being jobless in this economy.  It’s about what being a twenty something is like these days, wanting babies, a sense of self.  It’s about anxiety and depression.  It’s about style, music, the occasional celebrity rant, and more.  It’s unrelenting and brutally honest, messy, and sometimes educational.  It’s chaos.  It’s me.  This blog, rhaimi, is me.  Instead of veins and sinews, it represents what goes on in my head.

I started this bloggy project with no real purpose, but quickly realized it’s a way I can reach out to others to and for help about my questions about being in this sort of permanent state of lost.  I write as much as I can, when I can.  Sometimes words come easier some days and then for a while, not at all.

You could say I am dark, and incredibly moody, sarcastic and probably rude, but I’m working on that.

I enjoy photography, singing off key and pretending its good, writing, reading about zombies, ordering food in restaurants, Pinterest-since my Tumblr crashed, napping, eating ice cream, and if it’s really crap television, I probably have an affinity for it.

Also, this is a gif of a cat drinking water.  It’s incredibly fascinating.




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