Stop Right There:

This is the place I am meant to be for now.  It will change all in good time.  This is temporary.  Right now, I am poor and anxious.   I am in a funny half job and upset that my life is not where I thought it should be.  In reality, I am happy.  And my life is right where it needs to be, for now.
Soon, I will not be poor, I will be comfortable.  Soon I will not ever be anxious.  I will be free.  Soon I will be in a fulfilling job.  Soon I will be just where I dreamed.  This is the plan that was set forth a long long long time before I was born for me.  This is just that funny phase where I realize I am exactly right where I was supposed to be, right here.  For now.

I’ll be a wife and mom one day.  I’ll blog for a living.  I’ll travel and I’ll be just as happy if not happier.  One day.  When the time is right.

I'm 26. Lost and in transition. I don't have the answers, just thoughts.