Favorite food ever:  Chicken Tikka Masala and Idly.  True story.
This past weekend I’ve eaten more Indian food than my tummy capacity can actually handle.  But it’s so good!!!  So amazing and full of flavor, not too spicy, and more definitely not bland.  It’s my life force.
I’ve been trying to blog, but I’ve gone from zero to 600,000,000 miles an hour.  And I’m working on finding a balance between all of my work, sleep and free time.  It’s strange, to go from watching Maury, to working 12 hour shifts within a week.  My legs are sore.  My bones feel like dust, and my veins are full of curry.  But I’m so thankful and bless to have this job, to work with the people I work with, and to be able to come home and have a boyfriend who bought me flowers and wine.  Who cleaned the apartment and did laundry.  I’m blessed.
It’s Sunday afternoon here in Omaha.  With beautiful weather, and an evening to relax.  I was so stressed earlier this weekend, but now I’ve already started settling into a hectic but decent routine.  Hopefully I can just keep going and find more time to blog.  I’m sorry things have been sparse around here.  I’m just getting into a new swing.  But thank you for putting up with me.

If life is chaos, just breathe.  We can only stress over that which we have immediate control over.  I keep reminding myself that.  And if all else fails, eat Indian cuisine.  It makes your spirit warm.

I'm 26. Lost and in transition. I don't have the answers, just thoughts.