Sun Rise:

I don’t know how many nights it’s been that I haven’t slept well.  But add last night to that list.  I slept out on the couch.  Ryan snores.  And he needs a fan to drown out the background noise.  There’s nothing wrong with either of those.  My own mother snores.  And you’re probably shaking your head because you do too.  I mean, when I can’t breathe from allergies, I snore, I’ll admit that.
Anyway, I can’t sleep with noise.  I need booming quiet.  So, this living together is new to us and we’re working it out and we’re doing our best each day.  But I haven’t had a good night sleep in ages.  And I take it out on Ryan, when I shouldn’t.
Remember that cat on my porch from last night?  Well, after laying on the couch for maybe 20 minutes and just on the precipice of sleep….MEEEOOOWOOWOWOWOWOWOOOEEEOOWOWEOEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember looking at my phone for the time and it said 4: 27.  That’s the last time I cared to check.
And then my alarm went off at 8, on the dot.  So I could slowly ease into a new day without feeling rushed, causing rage or extreme grumpiness.  I’m have a lung deep in coffee and I’m feeling alright.
Now I have to iron work clothes, eat something, check my other multitude of social media addictions, and do my hair up.  Smile and work.  Today will be great because I get to pour waters and beers.  I love that.  It’s less hectic than serving.  And I get off early enough for a nap before Ryan and I have a date night….if that’s still on.  He brought up the idea of going out a few days ago and we haven’t talked about it since…Life gets in the way of itself.
I hope this Saturday finds you well and in good spirits with sunny weather and a good day!! I’ll be back soon.

I'm 26. Lost and in transition. I don't have the answers, just thoughts.