Welcome Back!!

I’m sitting here with Ryan and Tucker and it’s 12:32 in the morning.  FINALLY, rhaimi is fixed.  It took way longer than I thought, I’m so sorry.  I lost a lot of readers I’m sure, I just didn’t want to write and risk it not transferring or something.  But I have a lot to tell you!
I started work tonight, with customers.  I was serving for the first time.  I may have not been so great at it.  But I’ll learn.  Indian food is delicious.  It’s spicy but it’s so full of different flavors in each bite, it’s like a roller coaster ride.  Ups and spins and loops.    Tandoori chicken can be yellow, orange or red.  Depending on the spices chosen.  And it’s amazing.  Chef skewers it and sticks it in the clay oven called a Tandoor, and it gets very hot.  Then it comes out, and it tastes like a melody of flavors.  No jokes.  A melody.
I learned how to introduce myself in Hindi, although I didn’t use it tonight.  I got nervous and never told anyone my name.  I also had a hundred dollar table and got tipped ten on it….So I really need to work on a few things.  I guess.  I mean, everyone seemed to understand, and they were glad to eat good food.  Which is all I can ask for, even if it means, my tip is poor.  Better luck next time, hopefully.
Tomorrow I bartend.  So it won’t be as hectic.  Just a lot of water.
I need to get up early to iron and eat something, I haven’t eaten anything from nerves.
There’s a cat in heat right on our porch and she’s meowing hysterically.  And Tucker wants to kill her and it’s very hard to concentrate on typing when she’s screaming.
So far life is chaos now with work.  I’ll need to get into a new routine, and it’ll come.  I also have to get those old people shoes for my feet.  Since ballet flats are no good…

I’m sorry again for how long it’s been since I’ve written.  I’ll be back to every day, now that it’s all fixed.  I have a few tiny bugs to work out on my end, but hopefully, with time, my readers come back.  I’ve missed everyone.  I’m glad to be writing.  More updates tomorrow.  I need sleep.  Have a great night everyone.

I'm 26. Lost and in transition. I don't have the answers, just thoughts.