I’m nervous for training next week.  I’ve never served much or hosted.  But I’m going in with an open mind and a strong desire to learn.  I know the basic drinks to make, but more extravagant ones also make me nervous.  I’ll get everything learned with time.  It’ll be like I’d been doing it for years.  I just have the pre-work jitters.
I’m really excited to try the food.  It’ll be the first time I’ll have eaten Indian cuisine.  We get a crash practice the day before opening, which I’ll greatly need.  Hopefully I’ll just host that night.  But we’ll see, I may be a full-on server!  I’ve got the smile and basic questions down pat.  I’m confident about that bit.  It’s the stuff I don’t know yet that makes me anxious.  Like, how to balance tables, or working the computer.  Making sure they’re all happy and have water.  I’m nervous to bartend too.  Making layered drinks or specialities beyond a Screwdriver or Bloody Mary is beyond my knowledge.  I’ll learn in training.  I’ll get it.  Practice and time.  I’ll be good.
The Xbox is on the fritz again so I can’t watch any movies right now.  Thank goodness I made Ryan take my Blu Ray player…I can at least watch my old favorites on that.  I’m glad for Snatch in the background as I update this.  British accents and diamond heists with boxing matches…HA.

I also wanted to take this time to link you to my Tumblr.  I don’t post many photos on here, and the ones I do have on that site are not all mine.  Most of them are re-blogged.  So I take absolutely no credit in them, but I enjoy each one.  And maybe you will too.  When I’m not here, I’m there.  And when I start work, I’ll be…well…at work…But I am going to make myself carve out a few hours either before or after work to update both.  As this blog and those photos are my hobbies.  Enjoy!

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