Happy Happy Joy Joy:

That’s two nights in a row I’ve slept really badly.  But I have stuff I need to get done today.  Bank, Grocery Store, Shoe Store, and hopefully the Dog Park, this afternoon if it’s not raining.
I love tax returns.  Even if it’s from Arkansas, I am thankful I got money back this year.  I’m always scared I have to pay.  So far I’ve gotten my credit card paid off and a few other bills taken care of while I’ve been unemployed, now, with this chunk, I’m going to get me some new shoes and clothes I think.  I’m not going to go crazy or anything, but some new things would be nice.
We’re also officially out of coffee and Sprite.  And those two things are my life nectar.
Tucker is sun bathing on the chaise and I don’t want to get up from my spot on the couch yet.  So we’ll see how much I get done today.  Usually I feel guilty upon even looking at clothes let alone buying them.
I also have to move my blog to a different platform for a new hosting site so I can add Google Adsense today!!


On an unrelated note, it’s incredibly hard to teach myself Hindi here in Nebraska, when neither the library nor Barnes and Nobles has anything about it.  I was hoping for a few workbooks or at least a dictionary, but there’s nothing.  I’m sad about that.  Just websites, but how accurate or reliable can they be?  I wonder if it’s because Omaha isn’t a busting Hindu metropolis…Even though Hindi is the fourth largest spoken language after English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese…..I sure could use some tips or helpful hints.  Remember I’m poor.  No Rosetta Stone cop-out for me….not yet anyway…

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