Of Late:

Tucker is curled up on my left arm.  He is always within touching distance….Which means, there is no space between us.  Ever.  He goes with me to the grocery store, but waits in the car while I get food.  I call him my “Navigator.”  I’ve never been this attached to a damn dog.  I hate dogs.  Drool, smelly dog farts, poop…But Tucker is like a person.  He wants to be with me.  He wants to make sure I’m okay or happy.  And he cuddles better than most men.
I have to go to the DMV today, and Tucker has to stay home.  But I have to register my car.  I also have to job hunt.  And it’s raining outside.
I can’t wait for summer.  For sun dresses and exposed shoulders.  For summer skin and warmth.  I can’t wait for blood to rush back into my fingertips.  I hate the cold.  I’m really tired of my winter clothes and always being cold.
Ryan had to go back to Kansas City, so last night was lonely.  Tucker took up most of the bed and I was still cold.
I have somewhat lost my motivation to write these days.  Because I just repeat myself.  Job hunting is hard, I get sad, I have no friends here, except a dog and my boyfriend…….That…That basically sums up my entire life.
But I have been reading again, and watching lots of Bollywood movies.  Maybe I’ll start doing reviews.  I also need to really get to writing that novel.  I have time, I may as well.
Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get a job.  I’m getting frustrated and losing faith in my own self worth if even Target won’t hire me….
Wish me luck at the DMV.  And with the never ending saga that is job hunting.  I’m getting low, and I shouldn’t.  It makes it that much harder to go out each day.  But I remain somewhat positive.

I'm 26. Lost and in transition. I don't have the answers, just thoughts.