Spiderling Waiting Game:

Spiderlings, also called Slings are a little more work to take care of than an adult tarantula, however, they are much cheaper and watching them grow from tiny half-inch babies to eventual half-foot adults with bright colors and distinct personalities is the fun part.

A Mexican Redknee sling will cost us 25 dollars from kenthebugguy.com.  Plus an overnight shipping fee, she will still actually be cheaper than a sub-adult or grown tarantula.  Which can cost upwards of 200 dollars.  Although I will not be able to sex it until she (or he) is older,  we can afford to wait.  Ken the Bug Guy is the most reputable breeder/collector in the hobby.  And everything I’ve researched says he’s the guy to go to for anything bug related.

As I mentioned earlier, slings are a little more work.  By this I mean, they eat a little more often, they molt a little more often-just like a baby growing triple it’s weight the first year.  They need a little more humidity and slings are fast.

Imagine a tiny toddler.  Zipping from here to there, eating every 3 days, molting once a month and growing to a full inch in just a few months.  I’ll have my work cut out for me.

Unfortunately, Ken is not taking orders until the new year so we have to wait just a few more days to order the little one.  Which is okay.  I have yet to get air holes in the containers and my Tarantula Keeper’s Guide hasn’t shipped yet.  So I have some waiting to do.

I just am so excited!!!

I’ll be calling her Ximena Maria.  (He-men-nuh)  It means “listening intently” or “harkening”in Spanish-or so I’ve been told.  If she ends up being a he….I think Che or Gomez are good names.  But I’m hoping we get a little girl.  She’ll live a long time and honestly, I don’t know how I feel about sperm webs.  (it’s a web males make with sperm and then they take up a sac of it and insert it into the female with his pedipalps-his front legs that look like hands, sort of)

No matter, sexing a tarantula takes time and waiting too.  They have to mature.  And that’s a story in itself.  I’ve already ranted long enough.  I’ll write another post on sexing later.


Until then.  It’s New Years Eve.  I have a lot of chores to do, and a concert to get to with Ryan.

Happy New Year, friends!

A Collector of Strange Things:

As I am climbing out of the avalanche of wrapping paper and holiday sweets, out from under the chaos and late nights spent laughing with family, the year is ending.  2013.  Such a bi-polar year. The highs and low lows.


Through two jobs, one move, one amazing wedding. Time spent with family, friends, driving, writing, sleeping, sitting on the couch.. watching tv.  So many dinners cooked, so many minutes passed reading books, a few break downs and a few good memories.  2013 has been a year to learn from, remember and move on from all in one. I will cherish the good of 2013 and remind myself that my flaws are not speed bumps, but moments to realize the importance of self and individuality. I am not where I thought I’d be when I was younger, dreaming of what age 26 would be like.  It bothers me. But this is in no way a bad place to find myself at the closing of the year.  I’m married to an amazing man.  Back in our home state. I got an iPad Mini for Christmas, I got to spend it with my family (most importantly), and Ryan is getting me a tarantula spiderling.  A real one!

My life is meant to be surrounded by beautiful, dark and slightly morbid things. Because that is me, at my core.  A tarantula is the most beautiful creature I’ve seen.  And now I get one!  I get to watch it grow from a baby to a juvenile to an adult.  I cannot wait.  All my tools are collected-tweezers for feeding, eye-droppers for wetting part of the substrate. Which is also purchased and placed in the containers I got today at the Container Store.  Now I wait for my little one.

I’m getting a Mexican Redknee.  Docile, hardy, a good eater, and totally gorgeous. I am blessed.

I have an absolutely amazing husband, family and my friends….Oh my god my friends are the best of the best.  Danielle is the sweetest and most lovely woman.  Lauren is the best sister.  Kaiti is amazingly creative and sweet.  And all of them are beautiful both physically and in heart.

2014 will hold a job for me, just perfect for me.  More memories and time spent learning and growing into the woman I want to be.  I have my family and friends to cheer me on, I’ll have a baby T, and I look forward to the hours spend watching tv, reading books-probably on my iPad Mini, and eating…..lots of that.


Thank you to my followers and friends and family who read this.  Thank you so much for supporting my writing and ranting. I hope your year was one full of personal growth and happiness. And I hope the coming one will be better.  For all of us.  If 2013 can be topped.


I love all of you.




I kid I kid!!!

Or do I?


Known as the Northern Black Widow Spider, Latrodectus Variolus, has a very very mysterious story.  Full of intrigue, murder and pent up sexual frustration. Said to be able to kill humans, she’s been scorned, ridiculed, shunned and misunderstood for quite some time.  No wonder she has an attitude.

Although a bite from Our Lady of Death is considered dangerous, it is not, in fact deadly.  Once bitten, the neurotoxins in her bite start to break down the muscles and skin.  Causing cramps and spasms.  If left untreated, it can worsen.  But what idiot goes, “Oh a black widow bit me, I think I’ll be just fine.”  If you are that person, you deserve what you get.  It has been suggested that less than 1% of bites lead to death.  LESS THAN 1% OF BITES LEAD TO DEATH!!!!!!!  The venom in her bite is used to help break down her prey’s nervous system so she can eat, but if threatened, she will bite a human….Just don’t let the wound fester.

A simple trip to the doctor for medicine and a few days of discomfort are all that usually come from a bite from the black widow.

So why is she called the Black Widow?

Well.  Lucky for us humans, she’s not totally deadly, but unfortunately for her mate, she can be.  Latrodectus Variolus is one species of 32 different kinds of black widow in the family Theridiidae. She doesn’t eat her mate as often as others in the family do, but is know to on occasion, she has picked up a worthy nickname.

Members of the Theridiidae family can be found throughout the world, in fact, the rare Katipo is a member of this family, a cousin to our black widow.  Found in New Zealand.

There are many species of spider that eat their mates.  Although, some scientists speculate this phenomena is more of a myth than anything, our lovely lady got the nickname somehow.

Sexual dimorphism is common among the arachnids, in which the males are generally prettier and much smaller. They use their bright and shiny bodies to get a gal, or are smaller to sneak up on her and make without getting killed.  Sometimes he’s not so sneaky.  Either way, latrodectus variolus is gorgeous, a little fussy, but a whole lot of woman.  I mean female.

that ant has no idea what it's in for.

that ant has no idea what it’s in for.





the male is the small brown one here, trying to sneak up on his lady...

the male is the small brown one here, trying to sneak up on his lady…




Unforgivably Cursed:

Whip Spiders.  They aren’t as scary s they sound.  Just like other arachnids, they have a bad rap.  But like the lovely Redknee, they are starlets…in the wizard world.

Used as the creature to demonstrate the 3 Unforgivable Curses in the Goblet of Fire, the whip spider is tossed about, tortured and then killed.  Claimed to be deadly poisonous and could kill a wizard.

Here in the Muggle world, they aren’t deadly. Not even a little bit, not even at all. THEY HAVE NO VENOM GLADS!

Dating back to the Coniferous Period, these hardy little arachnids, called Amblypygi, are really flat and have pedipalps (basically like hands or feelers, arachnids don’t use them for walking) that are turned inward, to grab prey and bring it into their mouths quickly. They use their front legs as feelers, like a blind mans walking stick, and the back six legs to walk in a sideways motion, some species come with the whip at the end of their abdomen whipping in the direction of walking to locate prey.  Let me show you how funny these things look,





whip spider

Like most arachnids, they are carnivorous, like all arachnids they molt.  Meaning ever so often, they shed their exoskeleton to grow, to maintain health and the renew limbs and pedipalps that may have fallen off previous.  Younger arachnids molt more than those of a mature age.  Just like kids growing more than adults, makes sense right?

So there you have a tiny little bit about the whip spider.  Nothing magical about him, just a misunderstood and jinxed little fellow.

Before you go screaming the Killing Curse, maybe you should look at him and other arachnids, a different way.

My Personal Favorite:

Ready for round two of your daily dose of Arachnid facts and fun?  Good.

Maybe you’re living a little on the wild side and have wanted to own a tarantula before.

The most commonly sold tarantulas I’ve seen are Chilean Rose Haired Tarantulas.  I’ve heard mixed things. I’ve heard they are great for beginners but I’ve also heard they are boring.  Maybe someone can tell me otherwise.

If I were in the market for  tarantula, I’d of course research them, in depth.  I’d have high criteria and I’d base my purchase on a few things:  the temperament, the easy-of-care, the price and the color.  I wouldn’t want anything too boring, but nothing overly aggressive.  Something safe, reasonable and something, pretty.  I would like to handle a tarantula, as long as I am not risking the life of it, as tarantulas are fragile.  They don’t jump, they don’t run, they are venomous-about as bad as a bee sting, carnivorous, and gorgeous.

Ladies and gents may I introduce to you, the Mexican Redknee Tarantula:





Mexican Redknee Tarantulas can be found in Mexico, as their name suggests.  They can grow up to 4 inches from tip to butt with a leg span of 6 inches.  They are known to be incredibly docile, but not as inactive as the Chilean Rose Hair.  They have a decent appetite, eating crickets, cockroaches and baby mice.

Males live much shorter lives-around 5-7 years.  Whereas the females can live upwards of 20-30 years, I’ve heard.

They can be handled, with care.  Although when threatened all tarantulas are known to “kick hairs”  Imagine a porcupine-like defense mechanism.  The hairs leave a rash sometimes lasting up to two weeks, depending on the species, but this lovely lady’s hairs only irritate for about a day.  Redknees kick hair when threatened, but rarely bite.

It’s all about reading the body language of the animal.  Redknees are easy-going. And won’t mind a butt rub, if they’re feeling up for it.

To me, this girl would be ideal.  Docile, hardy, not boring to watch, handle-able, relatively inexpensive and totally gorgeous.  This species is featured on TV and in the movies because of her personality, being in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  She’s a star.  She wins out over other species because of this ideal personality.



Bagheera Kiplingi:

I’ll start you off easy.  I won’t throw a venomous spider at you, okay?  For our first ever arachnid to be featured here, I want to start small and..vegetarian.

Yes.  The Bagheera Kiplingi is mostly vegetarian.

Named after the black panther in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, paying homage to the author himself, this jumping spider lives in Central America-Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala.  Jumping spiders are known for their eyes.  As they have four pairs, with the middle two being larger than the outer two.  They are small, and a little fuzzy.  All are non-toxic.  Most are carnivorous.  (Jumping Spiders are the only known predator of the Brown Recluse Spider, which are poisonous and dangerous to humans, so these little tykes are beneficial to your house after all. )

Bagheera Kiplingi is special, and cunning.  She has an affinity for vegetarian cuisine and knows just where to get the best dinner.  She enjoys taking advantage of an interesting relationship between acacia trees and ants.  The ants live in the tree, sort of protecting it, living off it, being general nuisances. And Kiplingi benefits. Inside the acacia leaves there are these tiny nodules that are highly nutritious and most incredibly delicious…to our little friends.  She sneaks in around the ants, steals the treats and eats these nodules, called, “Beltian bodies.”  Bagheera Kiplingi also enjoys nectar, and occasionally ant larvae.

They are mostly vegetarian, which means, some meat.  Between the occasional ant larva, Kiplingi will practice cannibalism when the dry season hits. Other than that, she’s totally harmless, beneficial even in ant and Brown Recluse control. And she’s totally cute eating a leaf nodule.  Take a look!


nom noms

nom noms

God Made 90,000:

It is said that one is never more than 3 feet away from a spider.

The urban legends say you swallow up to 4 each year of your life. Of course, you would have to be a mouth breather, a spider would have to crawl across your face not knowing you were a human, and dumbly walk into a mouth that is exhaling warm air.  Or inhaling spiders, I don’t care how it’s done it’s just told that way.  Is it fact?  Probably not.  Spiders aren’t stupid.

They come from a diverse world of Arachnid.  Scientists speculate there are over 90,000 different species of arachnid.  No. That is not just spiders.  That includes, but is not limited to whip spiders, whip scorpions, vinegaroons, short-tailed whip scorpions, common scorpions, ticks, tick beetles, harvestmen, daddy long-legs, and camel spiders.

If you’re put off by this, take it up with the Good Lord.  Somehow Noah got all 90,000 different kinds of arachnid on the Arc and they didn’t kill each other or any other animal.  If that isn’t a miracle I don’t know what is.  Some are deadly to humans, some arachnids are not.  Some have tails, some eat birds, one weaves a web that’s strong enough to stop a bus, some enjoy living together, others are solitary.  There’s an arachnid for every kind of person to like.  I swear.

I happen to enjoy all of them.  Insects are even okay in my book…..sans centipede and millipede.  Those things creep me out.  Can you imagine their little wives?  ”Ralph, your 40 pairs of feet are stinking up this burrow to high Heaven!”

So I’ve decided to have a Daily Arachnid bit on rhaimi.  Maybe you’ll find one that suites your personality like a friend. Maybe you’l learn something, maybe you will no longer fear these amazing and vastly different but total evolutionary geniuses called arachnids.  We’ll see.


Just Another Random Idea:

I could post a “Daily Arachnid” on here.  Because I think they’re pretty cool.  And this is my blog and I am all about educating people.

Arachnids are not scary, to me…And they shouldn’t be feared, by anyone.  Spiders, scorpions, Daddy Long-Legs, they are just misunderstood. The Marilyn Manson of creatures…the..the step-child of the insect kingdom.  If I could dish out a few fun facts and interesting things about them, maybe people wouldn’t be so frightened of them.



Thoughts?!?! Comments?!?!?!

Woe to the Republic:

Lately all I want to do is wear black.  Draped in long dresses.  I never liked standing out in a crowd.  Bright colors make me anxious.  Or cute mid-calf ones, like they did in the 50′s and 60′s before girls tried so hard to be hard.  We aren’t. Stawp. It’s embarrassing.  We can be tough, and downright icy if need be.  But at least act like women, not silly air-headed little girls.

I want to grow up, fashion-speaking and in general too.  I am tired of looking like a stupid teenage girl.  I am in my late 20′s now.  Technically, if you round up.  And tribal print leggings with mid-belly shirts are for high school girls. I see girls I grew up with or worked with in crap like that and I role my eyes so far back into my head you could see my brains.  Grow the hell up.  Stop acting like we did in high school.  The whole run-around with guys only dating them because they’re “cute”, the outfits, the vulgar language in posts on Facebook.  You’re not from the hood, you grew up down the street from me, in an affluent, predominantly white neighborhood.  Grow.Up.  Your family sees those posts, your co-workers.  Hold yourself in higher esteem. Be better.  For the future, you owe them.  Be better for yourself.  Your setting us back 100 years by acting so irrational, so immature, so…so…unworthy.  You are unworthy of a better job, or better friends, better men, because you act like a child who cannot handle responsibility.  Be better, dammit.  I know it’s in you, in me, in all of us.  Stand up and demand better.

Maybe then we can take ourselves more seriously, we can feel sexier, smarter, happier.  If we just stop with the woe is me crap and the little girl acts.  Maybe then women could count for more than just a thing to use, a sexual vessel, or a washed out hag.  No more emotional games.  No more bullying, no more regression into remorseless negativity.  Demand more and you’ll get it, carry yourself better, and people will take you seriously, we could change the world for better if we just grew up and acted like women, not petty sluts or little girls.  I come at this bluntly, harsh even.  But I am tired of turning a blind eye at this disgusting behavior by girls my age. It’s shameful.  And I know I am not perfect, oh God I am so far from that.  But I am trying to be better, for myself, for my peers, prospective employers, family, and my future.

I need to start taking better care of myself.  As I know I need to work on this, too.  I need to practice what I vent. I want to get back into ballet to keep my body in shape; to release anxiety too. I need to eat healthy, speak more maturely, stop cussing, I want to dress more like a woman and not a teen, in  over-the-knee dresses and cardigans.  Nothing loud, nothing too bright.  That’s not me.  I want to grow up.  I want people to see me and think, “Oh she’s got it together.”

I want to get money right.  I want to invest in something.  I want to start my non-profit, because believe it or not, there is not one already in action here in Denver.  I want to help others because I am not here for me.  I never was.  I wasn’t put here to star in big budget movies.  I wasn’t born to take soil samples and predict erosion, like my much-smarter younger sister.  She’s a geo-wiz. I wasn’t put on this earth to move mountains or become something more than just me.  And I know my purpose is to help children.  But I must grow up and out of this 20-something shell.  I must grow beyond that.  And it’s not going to be easy because being 26 is like limbo.  I just know if I carry myself better, take better care of myself, encourage others to grow, and help others and children, I’ll be on the right track.


Until then, I am rolling my eyes.  And I am waiting for all the ladies to realize we’re better than this.  We are so much better.